Growth means stretching beyond all that is comfortable and safe. Growth comes from several different sets of circumstances, both good and bad. It is interesting that so much of our growth comes from the hard and difficult times. Most of us like to camp out in the comfort zone where we feel all warm and snuggly. Our tendency is to stay in relationship with those who don't challenge us. We minister where we feel the most comfortable with. But then God comes along and encourages us to stretch and even leave our place of security. In fact, He becomes rather like the mother eagle that is ready for the little eagles to leave the nest. When they don't take the hint she begins to pull the softness out of the nest and takes the fluff away. The once soft, secure nest now becomes rather uncomfortable as sticks begin to poke and stick. The eaglets seek refuge on the edge of the nest, only to find the once protective mother nudges them off the side of the nest. It seems cruel and the baby eagle must feel afraid and unsure of what is happening as he goes tumbling through the air. At some time the baby eagle begins to pump those stubby, untrained wings, even though he doesn't understand what is happening. If he waited too long before he started to flap his wings, mother is watching and will swoop down under her baby.

For us, it is the discomfort of problems, disappointments, etc. that causes us to hop up on the side of the nest. About the time that we get settled on the edge of the nest, the Father gently nudges us from behind and sends us tumbling. However, He is watching and if we should fail the flying test, our Father, like the mother eagle, will catch us.

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