Facing the Truth

Although the truth sets us free, it usually makes us miserable first. For many of us, becoming a Christian opened cans of worms that we were not ready to deal with. Before we came to Jesus, we could avoid facing ourselves, but when we allow Him to take over; we must stop and face not only the self we know, but the hidden self. Layer by painful layer He uncovers all that we have ignored, excused, rationalized, or minimized. Attitudes that we once excused are brought into His light, and we must make a decision to change or to rebel. No longer do we just shove uncomfortable issues under the rug; now we must face them because our Savoir/Healer will not allow us to bury them. Being saved was not the end; it was the beginning of a lifetime of soul surgery, remodeling, reconstructing, and restoration. Sometimes the process involves pain, disappointment, hard work, discipline, or correction. Each layer He removes makes us more into His likeness. Facing the truth is rarely pleasant, but it is only as we see the truth that we are willing for Him to change us.

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