Anger may be one of the most difficult emotions for Christians to deal with; yet, if we are honest, we do become angry. We may have learned as a child that anger is bad or unacceptable, and that when we were angry we will be rejected. As adults we may have a tendency to stuff the anger inside, deny it, ignore it, suppress it, or repress it. That seems to be the "Christian" way to deal with that ugly emotion of anger. Others may have received the message that when they are angry, just "vent" it and let it out and they usually explode on others. Neither method is really satisfactory; in the first method, depression and physical illness can result. In the second, those around during these angry outburst get hurt. Admit to yourself that you are angry; don't pretend it doesn't matter. Many times we need to verbalize our anger to someone else. Who else could we share those hurtful events with better than Jesus? Anger is neither right nor wrong; it's our manner of handling this very powerful emotion that makes it right or wrong. We can learn to "be angry and sin not" and then everyone involved fares better.

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