What's in a name?

Charlie Banjo here! Hoping that you are having a glorious day.

It was the day that my humans were coming to meet me. I could smell that there was something in the air. The doorbell rang and in walks my human mama. The lady that owned my doggie mama, Daisy, asked if she had picked out a name for me. About that time my siblings and I started a game of tug, and I got busy. In a few minutes, I heard this voice call, "Charlie!", and I knew that was my name. I had always been called "here, puppy" but I knew that Charlie was my name. So, I left the game of tug and ran to my human mama. She seemed surprised, but happy, and she scooped me up, and kissed me, and snuggled me close. She must have liked that because she did it several times that day. So she said, "Well, Charlie it is!"

Now, where did Banjo come from? My big brother Beau had a good idea. He took the first initial of his name B, the first initial of my big sister's name A, then N for and, and Jo from my other brother's name, and he put them together, and so I am Charlie Banjo.

Names are really important to God. Our name is His declaration about who He created us to be. It's what He is working on in our lives. My name means "manly and strong." Therefore, I take my job of being my humans' protector very seriously. So, I bark to warn them that something is wrong. I have saved them from the mailman on numerous occasions, as well as the yard people, the UPS and Fed Ex people, and many neighbors that pass in front of my house. My humans are completely ungrateful or unaware that I was sent to them to keep them safe. Banjo really doesn't have a special meaning but it's the name that makes me part of the family. Your name has a meaning too. Do a little research, and find out what the Lord has declared over your life through your name.

Next blog, I will share some of my early days with you. Be sure to tell your friends about mama's new web site, www.mamahug.org.


Charlie Banjo

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