Do Dogs Have a Soul?

Hello adoring fans! It's a beautiful day here in Pensacola! I hope that it's beautiful where you are.

Can you believe that there are actually people who think that dogs don't have spirits, and others who believe that we don't have souls! I'd say that they have never looked into the soulful eyes of a puppy, if they think that way. I heard my mama say that the Bible says, "that the body without the spirit is dead". I am not dead, I am very much alive. Ask anyone who comes to visit me.

I also have a soul. My feelings can be hurt, my heart can be broken, just like a human heart can be hurt, or broken. Sometimes my human mama is busy. When she doesn't have time for me, that hurts my feelings. That's when I get into mischief, big time. I try to get her to pay attention to me by sneaking her shoes, or something that I know that I am not supposed to do, or have. When that doesn't work, I pout; and if that doesn't get her attention, I get depressed. My happy disposition turns into sadness, and I just lay on the floor and look at her. Now if that can happen to a dog, think what could happen to humans! All kinds of things can wound the souls of humans.

My mama says that God made people to need lots of love and attention to become emotionally healthy, (soul healthy). Just like dogs, humans hearts can be hurt if they have abuse in their lives. If they get abandoned, there can be soul bruises. If you think that you may have a broken heart, or some soul bruises, you can find help by taking my mama's online Solutions class. You can look on her web-site and find out how Jesus came to heal the broken heart. It's awesome!

Until next time,

It's Charlie Banjo with a healed heart

Wishing you wholeness!

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