The Kiss

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

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As a young teenage girl, I experienced my first real kiss. It was amazing, it was thrilling, it was awkward, and it was frightening. All those emotions at once. I had no idea that a kiss could stir up so many different feelings. With that one kiss, I wanted more, one simply would not do, I guess that is the nature of the physical kiss. On the other hand, a kiss can pass between friends, parents and children, and can even be a means of greeting in some cultures.

However, the kiss that I want to look at is completely different. This kiss is the most powerful kiss we can ever experience. This kiss has the power to transform us from the inside out. It is the kiss that we all need in order to become mature in our relationship with the Lord, as well as with others. So, what is this kiss and how can we receive it?

Song of Solomon is a very beautiful book of the Bible. It is full of symbolism, but more, it is full of passion, disappointment, highs and lows, ups and downs. In fact, Song of Solomon is the believer’s road map from the new birth to maturity. There really is no other book quite like it in the whole Bible. There are so many truths hidden in the one hundred and seventeen verses. Song of Solomon is written in Hebrew. The Hebrew language is so rich and deep, unlike our English words.

The first words that the Shulamite speaks begins the adventure of her lifetime. She says, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.” Brazen hussy might be the first thing that we would think of a woman so bold as to ask such a thing. Lust personified, might be a good description of such a woman. However, there is so much hidden in her request. Once we understand the deeper meaning of the word kiss, it changes everything.

The Hebrew word kiss means so much more that the English word, it is so much richer, deeper, and fuller. Take for instance, when I say, “he kissed me,” I mean that our lips touched, possibly we were embracing. However, that same word kissed from the Hebrew means: to attach to, to fasten upon, to kindle a flame, touch, to equip with weapons, to be armed.

The young bride’s request may have been more like, do whatever needs to be done in my life so that I am able to receive this incredible love that you have for me.

The Beloved invites each of us believers into the bridal position with Him. Unfortunately, many will not accept the invitation, for different reasons. Some are like the daughters of Jerusalem and are not interested in going deeper. Others, feel unworthy, still others, have deep soul bruises from their past that make such a relationship seem impossible. Some gladly accept the invitation and begin the journey with Him.

Where are you in the journey? Are you aware that you have been invited to become His bridal partner? Gender doesn’t matter. We are all sons of God regardless of gender. Likewise, we are all invited to become His bridal partner. It isn’t a gender issue, but a position that we are invited to step into. However, there are things that hinder us from accepting the invitation. That is where the kiss comes in. If we are broken, the kiss can bring wholeness. If we are struggling with unworthiness, the kiss can heal the shame. If we are defeated the kiss can bring us to victory. If we are in a battle, the kiss can equip us with weapons, arm us for victory in the battle. If there are addictions, the kiss can show us the way to break those strongholds. If we struggle with a longing soul, the kiss can fill the longing.

If we lack passion for the Lord, the kiss can kindle a fire within our souls for Him! What do you need in your own life in order to go deeper into that relationship? What needs to change in your heart to be able to become more intimate with Him? The good news is that He is waiting with great excitement to answer your heart’s cry to be kissed with whatever is needed in your life. Take a moment and ask Him to kiss you with the kisses of His mouth that will change everything.

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